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Fine Art & Photographic Print Papers

Fine art papers

Paper Name Finish Texture Weight Ideal for Paper Type
Budget art paper Matte Smooth 180gsm All-purpose Alpha Cellulose
Smooth art paper Matte Smooth with a fine grain texture 240gsm Contemporary illustration and photography Alpha Cellulose
Museum fine art Matte Super-smooth with a gentle texture 280gsm Museum quality reproductions of artwork and paintings Alpha Cellulose
Cold press watercolour paper Matte Cotton Rag High texture, tight (resemblant of etching paper) 315gsm Premium portraits and gallery exhibitions Cotton Rag
Hahnemühle German etching Velvety matte Textured 310gsm The look and feel of original artwork Alpha Cellulose
Enhanced matte art Matte Smooth 200gsm Large full colour graphics or illustrations. Alpha Cellulose


Photographic papers

Paper Name Finish Texture Weight Ideal for Paper Type     
Budget photo paper Satin Lustre Medium Texture 190-200gsm Photography and Posters RC (Resin Coated)
Lustre photo paper Satin Lustre Subtle pearl-like texture 240gsm Event photography RC (Resin Coated)
Metallic gloss


Textured 280gsm Landscape Photography — offers 3D effect RC (Resin Coated)
Smooth photo rag Matte Smooth, highly calendered surface 280gsm Portraits — great for smooth skin tone detail Cotton Rag
Hahnemühle photo glossy High-Gloss Sheen Ultra Smooth 260gsm Photo Books RC (Resin Coated)
Hahnemühle photo lustre Semi-Gloss Smooth, non-textured 260gsm Everyday use & photo books RC (Resin Coated)
Hahnemühle fine art Pearl Mid-Sheen Delicate texture with a silky feel 285gsm Black & White Reproductions Alpha Cellulose
Hahnemühle photo rag Matte Soft with a lightly defined felt structure 308gsm Fine Art Photography or art reproductions Cotton Rag
C-type gloss print High Gloss Smooth, no texture 220gsm Professional Photography RC (Resin Coated)
C-type lustre print Lustre Pearl-like texture 246gsm Professional Photography RC (Resin Coated)

If you need more details of a print paper type listed on the tables above please contact us.

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