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Safe Product Use


The Do's and Don'ts

  • If you're PREGNANT, BREASTFEEDING, WITH SENSITIVE SKIN OR ANY MEDICAL CONDITION please seek professional medical advice before using essential oils or any of our product that contain essential oils.
  • Keep essential oils out of the reach of children.
  • Keep essential oils away from pets.
  • Never use essential oils directly on skin always dilute with a base or carrier oil before use. When mixing with base or carrier oils for adults, it should be a minimum of 2% essential oil in a carrier oil.1ml of essential oil roughly equals 20 drops, 2ml equals 40 drops etc. That means a 100ml of carrier oil should not have more than 40 drops of essential oils. For children, seek medical advice before use.
  • Prevent essential oils from getting into the eyes, if this happens, rinse eyes with clean water and seek medical help.
  • Always wash hands after using any essential oils.
  • Do not orally take essential oils
  • Be aware that some essential oils like citrus essential oils are photosensitizing so avoid using before exposure to sun or sunbeds.
  • Do not allow undiluted essential oils around from plastic, painted or polished surfaces and never use it near a naked flame or source of ignition.





    • Do not use product/s if the seal has been broken.
    • It's best to test products on small areas before use to ensure there's no allergic reaction.


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