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Types Of Available Personalised / Customisable Products

Types Of Available Personalised / Customisable Products

Personalised and customised products are very unique because personal elements, unique designs, and details of an individual are attached to it. These elements and details could be a name, initials, customised messages, photos, and so on. Personalised products can be either given as a gift or for personal use.

Customisable products are products that can be modified or designed to your own taste. These products are usually blank or pre-designed. You are able to design or personalise these products as you like.  

We have several types of customisable and personalised products both in our store and downloadable catalogues;

Blank Products:

These are products that have no design on it. You are required to design this product. You could add photos, text, artwork, or use available images. These are great if you want to make your product unique and outstanding and for creating very special personalised gifts that will be really cherished. 

Blank products that are available or are coming soon in our store are mugs, cushions, tote bags, t-shirts, canvases, prints, frames, cards, and more; see customisable products.

Pre-designed Products

These are partly designed products that still need to be directly customised by you. The information on what to do is normally on the customisable part and this needs to be replaced by your version. You may be required to add your information such as a photo, a customised text, or that of a recipient. Pre-designed products tend to be created a lot for special occasions, for a unique group of people or for a specific reason. They are also available for general purposes. Ideal for personal purchase or as a unique gift.

Pre-designed products that available or are coming soon in our store are mugs, cushions, tote bags, t-shirts, canvases, prints, frames, cards, and more; see Pre-designed products.

Other Personalied Products

There are also other personalised products that are available in our downloadable catalogues. Personalising a product through these catalogues will require you to enter your personalisation details which you can do on the online downloadable catalogue or through our offline downloadable catalogueThese personalised products are available in several categories. See more about our downloadable catalogues

If you need products that are completely designed and ready for purchase please see our Uniquely Designed Products.

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