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Design A Blank Canvas And Beautify Your Home

Design A Blank Canvas And Beautify Your Home

A blank canvas enables you to get creative as you like. You can add any photo of your choice or any artwork.

There are several ways that you can design your blank canvas; by uploading our own design and editing, choosing from our image gallery, or by choosing from our "Premium Photos" option (99p per image) that have a wide variety of categories to choose from. 

There are different types of canvases that are available and you can choose the one that best suits your need; such as rolled canvas, stretched canvas, and framed canvas. They tend to have different materials that serve different purposes.

Our focus here will be on stretched canvases. Our stretched canvases framed are milled to help prevent unwanted markings and surface cracking. The frames of the canvas are finger jointed to enable corner tension which helps create resist warping.

Wooden 'wedges' are added at the corners of each canvas to ensure the surface remains taut and this allows for easy restretching for future years.

The final artwork will be added to our artist-grade canvas, reproducing the image details with outstanding clarity and details.

The finalized canvas will be produced using a 12-colour giclée fine art printing process and hand-finished by an experienced canvas framing team.

Please see the video below on how to design a blank canvas.

How To Customise A Canvas & Beautify Your Home - 2 Demos

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